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    Nook HD 16GB storage management and apps

      First of all thank you for this support blog. I haven't seen this issue I have on this blog, maybe someone can help me. After getting of the phone with CS and not a satisfying answer I came here for help.


      1. My issue is that on my device it says that I have 12 GB available for downloading (after the content I already have downloaded), but when I go to download a book or app its says that I have only 9GB available. CS says that the 3GB difference is for them to download updates. If I am correct they already have 3 GB available for them to download updates or whatever they need it for. If you go by the website it said that 13GB will be available for personal files/download. Does anyone have this issue?


      2. Under storage management it says that I have 96 apps downloaded, but in my library I only have  24 apps (that's included the apps the device came with). Where are all those apps coming from? Was not able to find out. CS was no help.



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          1) Everyone is seeing the first issue you mention.


          Supposedly, on the HD, there is no separate partition for Shop Content and sideloaded content (like on Color and Tablet).


          So ALL 13 GB of storage should be available for things you buy from B&N. However, everyone is seeing something like 9GB or 9.7 GB.


          My assumption is that B&N kept apart 3 GB for OS stuff and in-built apps. Then it set aside 13 GB for stuff we buy or sideload.


          However, either


          1) They are reading the wrong value and showing just 9GB - space used.


          2) There is a bug and it only allows 9GB for stuff you buy from the shop.


          I suspect it's the former.




          2) STorage Management. Another user had the same issue. I don't - I get the accurate number of apps.


          However, other users have just 28 to 35 apps but show 96 apps downloaded. There is an option to actually see the list of apps. In your list of apps do you see 24 or 99. That'll clear up that it's just a small error.