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    Buy 1 NOOK Book, Get a NOOK Book FREE is Back


      B&N Store NOOK Special Offer - Barnes & Noble



      It looks like the Buy 1 NOOK Book, Get a NOOK Book FREE in-store offer has been updated on the web-site. It is now shown as featuring horror-themed NOOK books.


      The only thing that concerns me is that though it says "this weekend" there are no dates listed. There used to be a link to bring up the list in a PDF that you could print and take to the store.  It had the offer dates listed at the bottom of that page. It was also nice, because it had the bar codes for each book, so I would take the list to the store and the clerk could just scan or key in the code for the books I wanted. Some of the clerks in my local store were not even familiar with this offer, so having the sheet handy was definitely beneficial.


      I am glad the offer is being promoted on the web again. I just wish we still had the option to print the list.