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    social restrictions in profiles

      I have the new Nook HD and have set up a profile for my husband, me and our son.  However, when I go under my account, which was set up as an adult profile, and click Settings/Applications/Social Accounts and Nook Friends....I get an error message that pops up stating "Social features are currently restricted."  Anybody know how to change this??? 

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          It seems that right now the only profile with access to Social Features is the main one.




          You can only change things like 'Interests' for a Profiel and what content the profile has access to. To do that do the following:


          1) Go to your home page


          2) Tap on the top left where your profile name is listed. You can also slide down.


          In either case it'll show you a list of profiles.


          Below that will be an 'Edit Profiles' button. Tap that.


          3) Now, for each profile you'll see 'Edit' option. Tap on the profile you want to edit.


          You'll get a menu with various options - choose 'Manage Content' or 'Change Interests'.



          I'm guessing that at some later point of time the ability to add 'Social abilities' for Profiles will be added. But right now only the main profile can add social stuff.