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    How do you get movies and tv shows?

      I just bought the nook hd+ for my kids for Christmas. Can you buy movies and tv shows and store them on it on it like the iPad? If so, how?


      I really hope I can, because that is the reason I bought  the nook hd+ instead of the iPad . I would not pay almost $300 for just an e-reader.

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          use your hulu app



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            Yes you can sideload movies you already own on disk after converting them using a program like dvd catayst and your pc. You can rent or purchase tv shows and movies for direct download from BN, it takes quite a while. There have been some problems with ultra violet but using flixter many of these can be streamed. These are large files so you may want to add a sd card if keeping them on the device for very long.
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              Ginger-Maci, there is something called Nook Videos.


              If you press the physical N button below the screen of your HD+, you'll be taken to your Home Screen.


              At the bottom are 6 buttons. One of them says 'Shop'. Just press that.


              On the Shop Main Page, at the top right will be a list of 'Things you can buy'. It's like a list of buttons. One of them will say 'Movies & TV Shows'. Tap that.


              Now you will be shown a list of movies and TV Shows available to rent and buy from Nook.




              Your other options are:




              Hulu Plus


              Crackle (a free app with a range of free movies and shows)


              Buying from else where and sideloading to Nook using a program like the one DVD Catalyst makes for Nook.


              etc. - like what other responders have replied.