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    Enable adb

      I have tried to enable adb multiple times and tried xda and leapinlar's tips but I cannot get the drivers to install. Any tips? Running vista on my pc but always get the message "incorrect drivers check if compatible with windows 32 bit" or similar message. I have tried the nookdev walkthrough to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
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          1) There are three parts.


          a) First is to enable adb on your Nook by going to Settings > Device Information > Developer Options.


          Then checking 'Enable ADB'.


          b) Putting 0X2080 (or something like that, check the developer guide) in the .android android usbini file.


          c) INstalling drivers.


          First - you should try the drivers that you got from the Nook site. NOT the ones from xda.

          Second - you will have to try multiple times. It's very hit and miss.


          What nookdev walkthrough are you talking about? If you have access to submit tickets, then submit a ticket. Ticket is best way to get help.