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    NST behaving weirdly


      Recently, as within the last week, my NST has been behaving somewhat weirdly in two specific areas.


      1. If I'm anywhere other than the reading screen (eg. settings, home, library, etc.) and I tap the book icon in the upper left corner it takes me to a book that I read previously, not the book I'm reading currently. If I'm on the Home page, the book shows page 1 of (whatever number of pages) for a different book than what I'm currently reading or what the book icon in the upper left corner takes me too.
      2. Flipping through the library has become a pain due to the fact that 'most recent' eBooks added are not showing up at the beginning of the list. Sometimes they show up in the middle, sometimes they show up at the end.
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          is there enough of a settings menu on your device that you can get to the nook home or library applications and hit the "clear data" buttons?


          if not, I think you can sideload a settings tool to it, or else you could try a full device wipe by 8 failed boots.

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            I'm not familiar with a 'clear data' setting on the NST.

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              I assume he means erase and deregister, i.e. reset it to factory settings.


              Resetting your NOOK Simple Touch, NOOK Color, or NOOK Tablet

              1.                 Push the n button.           
              2.                 Select Settings from the navigation bar.
              3.                 Select Device Information or Device Info.           
              4.                 Tap Erase & Deregister Device. Confirm by tapping Reset NOOK.           
              5.                 After your NOOK resets, follow the on-screen prompts to register it.
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                While annoying, I don't think it requires the nuclear option at this time.

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                  Bah! After losing my place in my book several times I ended up going nuclear. Erased and deregistered, reregistered and things seem to be working normally again. It took me two days, but I finally got all the books back on the SD card. I know the SD card can occasionally cause a problem (I had tried removing it - still had same problem, tried formatting it - still had same problem), so I wiped everything and reloaded it. We'll see how long this lasts.


                  No problems on the NSTG so far.

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                    For how many kinds of situations does this work? And what will I lose in the process if I do this?

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                      Erase and deregister means that everything will be gone. It will fix many problems, but it's an option of last resort.

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                        So that means I cannot re-download all my books?

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                          No. You should still be able download all your eBooks (if B&N still has the rights, I'd suggest you look up future proofing your eLibrary, probably by googling Apprentice Alf and his Calibre tools plugins) as long as you re-register with the same account.

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                            But given that I cannot download at least half of the books on my Nook because I purchased them after they stopped allowing that, how do I access my most recent copies? And how do I know if they still have the rights? Is that honestly a thing? That one day my book will be gone because they lost the rights???

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                              Realistically, B&N losing the rights to a book is not common.  It happens, but it's pretty rare.  I do remember one case of someone complaining because he re-downloaded a book, and all the photos had been removed, because the publisher had never secured proper rights to them in the first place, so they'd been removed from the digital copy stored on the B&N servers.  But as I say, it doesn't happen often.  I don't think I've ever found a book missing when I've set up a new device.

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                                Alex posted a work around for those having issue with the new DRM scheme. If you haven't tried it already, it would be worth trying to see if this clears up your issue of downloading recent eBooks.




                                We’re sorry you are having trouble downloading an eBook on your NOOK.


                                Follow the steps below to resolve this matter and continue enjoying your NOOK experience.


                                Connect to Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi click here.


                                • Power your NOOK off/on
                                • Go to Shop
                                • Purchase any free NOOK Book by searching for 0.00
                                • Go to Library
                                • Tap Refresh or Sync
                                • Attempt to download any title in your library that previously gave you the unlock error.


                                Purchasing this free NOOK Book will allow your NOOK to sync properly with your account. You can delete or archive the free title at any time.


                                Hope this helps, and feel free to comment or send a private message to me if you're still having issues.


                                - Alex

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                                  I'm not sure how common it is for them to lose the rights for already purchased content, likely not very. I've not tried to re-download anything in my library in quite some time. I future proof everything, so just reload it from my computer. I do know that when I finally got access to my Nook Wishlist on the website after the latest reorganization I went through and deleted over half of it because they were listed as 'unavailable' now. I don't know if they would have been available to download had I purchased them originally.

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                                    Thanks for sharing this information, although I don't really think it relates to my problem specifically. Here is where I posted my specific problem:


                                    Nook Simple Touch Glow Light won't open any books

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