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    Anybody know who developed the Sudoku and Crossword apps pre-bundled with the NOOK Tablet? (Or an equally good substitute?)


      I PM'd this to @Alex_Garcia on October 10, 2015, but got no answer.  That's unusual; he's typically very responsive.  I hope all is well with hiim.


      Maybe someone else in this NOOK Community can help me.


      Saturday, October 10, 2015

      Froide .


      Hi Alex,


      My first NOOK was a NOOK Tablet 16G (R.I.P.).  Two apps I really liked on it were Sudoku and Crossword, which were pre-bundled into the NOOK OS.  Unfortunately, those two apps did NOT come with the NOOK HD. 


      Do you know who developed those two apps for the NOOK Tablet and how I can acquire them for my NOOK HD and for my Samsung smartphone?

      Thanks for your help!