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    Read Instantly feature is gone


      I have a Nook HD and enjoyed using the option to read my nook

      books on the web page (My Library -> Read Instantly) until they

      changed the software. It was like, a month ago?


      Does anybody know what's really happening with this? Every

      time I ask customer support I get a blurb about how this will be

      fixed in the 'near future'. I see three possibilities


      - It's broken and they're trying to fix it

      - Not right now, may come back someday

      - Not going to happen


      Thanks in advance.

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          Click on the book icon in My Library. The Read Instantly link is then available in the lower right corner of the book icon on the new page.

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            Found this in the FAQs:


            NOOK for Web "Read Instantly"


            On Tuesday, June 30, we updated our BN.com ecommerce website with new features. The NOOK for Web "Read Instantly" function was not updated as part of this rollout. Our technology team is currently working on including the NOOK for Web "Read Instantly" functionality and we hope to have it available in the near future.

            We offer several alternative NOOK Reading Apps and invite you to explore them by clicking here.

            We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your continued support of NOOK.

            Need help? Click here to chat with a NOOK Support Agent.

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                Thanks for posting this.


                Yes, it's the same answer I get over and over from B&N support.

                June 30. It's July 29th and it's not fixed. Are they going to fix it

                or have they dumped it? No progress in a month.

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                    Alex Garcia

                    cmconn Thanks for the interest in Read Instantly. We know how much our users want this feature, and its true the tech team is working on getting this rolled out. I wish I had a firm date to provide you, but unfortunately at this time there isn't one.


                    It will be making a return in the near future; and as soon as we have it ready to go - the NOOK Forums will surely be the first place to find out.


                    - Alex

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                        Thanks, Alex, for that insider info. And pass along my thanks to the devs for synching my wishlist across my newer Nooks (HD+ and Nook Gal Tab) and platforms (Android and Windows 8.1).

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                          Thank you Alex.


                          I'm in the software business and we are the same way... we cannot

                          tell customers when our next release is going to be. Development

                          doesn't give us firm dates because they don't know what else they

                          are going to find when they try to implement something.


                          Does near future mean


                          - when we decide to implement it again (future releases)




                          - when we fix it


                          Can you answer that? I don't know how much access you have to

                          this information or if you are able to tell. But it would make a lot

                          of us happier if we knew.

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                            It is now Mid-September and no sign of this feature.

                            Is it going to happen?

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                              It is now late October and not happening. I really don't think it's coming back. I would appreciate it if someone would be honest about this  I do not for one minute believe there are technical issues that cannot be fixed in 4 months. Is it too expensive? Is it not worth the trouble? Are there security issues?


                              FWIW I can buy kindle books and read them on my nook with my kindle reader, on the web page and even on their standalone app. But I prefer the nook navigation and would rather give my money to B&N.

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                          If anybody sees this feature available please reply to this thread. I used to check it daily, then weekly, then monthly. If I don't hear from any of you I'll check it again in 2016