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    My Windows XP computer does not recognize my Nook. A Scanner and Camera Wizard comes up

      I have a Dell computer with Windows XP  and my NOOK HD is not recognized properly in any way by my computer. . I have downloaded windows media player 11 as prescribed by Barnes and Noble and it still does not recognize the nook hd properly . When I plug the nook into a port a Camera Installer comes up and I do find a MyNook icon but upon clicking  the icon nothing is present or sometimes I will get folders but I cannot drag and drop anything into the folders. I cannot interact in anyway. All I want to do is put my music from Itunes onto my Nook. I have tried all ports and different cords to no avail.


      My Itunes music is on an external hard drive. I have tried to click and drag those files as well to no avail.


      Why does my computer recognize my Nook HD as a Camera?


      Sometimes I get message saying installer cannot find but sometimes

      Scanner and Camera Wizard.jpgWhen I plug it in this installer comes up saying


      Welcome to the Scanner and Camera  Wizard

      under this says MyNook


      I get another box saying

      Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard

      Reading picture information showing a camera icon connecting to Computer Icon.


      Under my computer I do show a Camera Icon saying MyNook

      I click MyNook but no folders or anything is present




      Why do I get a Camera and Scanner installer coming up when I plug my Nook into my computer


      I believe  the nook is not being charged as well while connected to computer. I have tried other ports and cords. The light is red next to where you plug your Nook into cord.


      microsoft scanner and camera wizard.jpgWelcome to Hardware Wizard.jpgmicrosoft scanner and camera wizard.jpgmy nook.jpgmy nook 2.jpgmy nook empty.jpgwelcome to Hardware Wizard my nook.jpgchoose pics to copy.jpgmy nook files.jpg