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    Content not visible on NookHD+

      Ok, so I've contacted B&N about this issue and have not gotten a resolution, so I think I'll see if anyone else is experiencing these problems with their full library content not being visible on the HD/HD+


      I have several magazine subscriptions that are at various degrees of visibility on the HD+.  Some aren't visible at all.  Some I have been getting the current issue, but my archives aren't visible. A couple of the subscriptions I'm getting both the current issue and the archives. What gives?


      Now, I do know that the missing content is in my library, via the b&n website and on my Simple touch, though it is naturally saying that "content not supported on this device", So, the content is there and I'm getting my subscriptions, but why aren't they visible on the HD+ or at least in my archives?


      I also noticed that some of my apps haven't made the transition, yet.  I know they will eventually show up and all will be well, but it's frustrating nevertheless. 


      I'm tempted to re- register my NookColor, again :smileyhappy:



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          I have intermittent issues with some books that download and immediately disappear from the HD+ and/or  the reader will not open and the content  wants to download again. Since some of my content is still not compatible with my NookColor I haven't deregistered it yet.  From the Nook Color I can usually download and open the book that won't download on the Nook HD+ so I know its not entirely the book itself.  After multiple downloads of a book or content -  so far the book will finally stick and can be opened on the Nook HD+.


          I am also using my NookColor to Archive books and apps as "sending to the cloud" via the HD+ doesn't remove the item from view like archiving via NookColor.   The HD+ can view the archive so that is good enough for me.


          Now if some of the app developers would just update their apps like Scrabble and Prince of Persia!