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    How do I watch an Ultraviolet Movie????

      I've linked my Nook HD to my Ultraviolet account. The movies show up in the library, but there is no way to download or watch them. All I have is product information and a grayed out button that says "purchased."


      I'm on the road on a business trip and was hoping to watch some movies on my flights.

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          Unfortunately we can't watch our UV movies yet.  The 2.0.4 update added UV Linking but not playing.  We are all hoping that the next update will allow playing of our UV movies.


          I've heard rumors that the next update is going to be "Coming Soon™" but I haven't heard anything beyond rumor.


          With the recently available HDMI dongle I look forward to full UV support so I can watch on my Non-Smart TV.

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              Thank you for that information! I sent an email yesterday to support and I used livechat today for quite a while. The representatives had no idea what I was talking about. They told me that I had an Ultraviolet app preinstalled on the Nook HD and I should use that. I told them it wasn't there and they told me to look again. Still no app, so they told me to look on the store. Then they told me that they were sorry, but it only worked with the NookHD. Interesting, because that is what I have!!! It was incredibly frustrating, and took way too much time. I was so happy to find this answer! I really appreciate the help.

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                At least I know that I'm not nuts. I wonder when the release is coming that will let us just watch Ultraviolet movies without a workaround using a third party app?

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                    I am still going back and forth with BN service. They kept emailing me about how to buy a movie on the Nook HD. I explained that I didn't need to buy one; I wanted to watch my UV movie as advertised. This is what I got this time. Do the service people really not know the answer to this? I'm very close to a return, as this customer service is SO poor!

                    Thank you for writing to us.
                    We understand that you have loaded two movies to your Ultraviolet account and linked it to your new Nook HD and can not make
                    them play, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

                    In order to figure out how to watch your videos we have to walk you through few troubleshooting steps, we invite you to join us in our newly launched NOOK® Chat Room. 

                    To find us, visit our website and select NOOK Support.   You’ll see “Need Help?  Chat Now” in the lower right corner of your screen.  Click on it, and get connected to a live NOOK expert! 

                    Right now, our Chat Team is available Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST. 

                    If you do not see the link on the Support page, we are always happy to assist to you by phone.  Call us at 1-800-THE-BOOK (843-2665)  between 8am & 11pm EST Monday-Friday (9AM-5:30 PM on weekends) and select Option 2 for NOOK Support.

                    We look forward to hearing from you.

                    Customer Service Representative - Digital Support
                    Barnes & Noble
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                  Flixter is a TERRIBLE app that only plays the sd version of a movie and not the hd version. You also can't download the movie to the nook through Flixter, and the app has been unresponsive on more than one occasion on my nook AND mobile phone. I've resorted to using dvd catalyst, a conversion program which is only $10 and has profiles for both new nook models. I'm disappointed that the ultraviolet support isn't fully functional right now but they've been quick to update the new nooks I hope the next update fixes this issue. The only truly frustrating thing is the complete lack of communication from BN to its customers and, more importantly, its support staff. There's clearly an issue here and the support staff seems to know nothing about what's going on. But to be fair this has always been the case with digital support.
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                    I have 10 movies on ultraviolet. All 10 have a copy that says "unsupported" but only 4 of them have a duplicate that does say supported.
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                        I started this thread and wonder if anyone has found any information when the Nook HD will support Ultraviolet videos without a third party app. There is nothing about requiring a third party app such as Flixster in any of the infromation or support documentation about the Nook HD. 


                        I had thought that a releas was coming "very soon" that would provide the promised native support. I wonder if anyone has any information about when this is scheduled for?

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                        I can't download my ultraviolet movies that I was able to download last week since the new update 2.0.6 I had them download on to my SD card but had to put them back to the cloud since I was having issues with the sd card that I had purchased a scandisk macro sd card 32gb class 10 (my nook would always crash and restart when playing movies from the sd card). I had bought a new sd card Samsung 8gb class 6 to test try to see if it would work on downloading movies and playing worked perfect took a while to fully download but now no more issues with crashing and restarting.  So I purchase a larger gb card same brand and class and download two movies played fine. But I unmounted my sd card last night to restart my nook because I had accidently deleted a movie from the nook. So after the restart I remounted the card and one of the two movies would not play so I moved it to the cloud and now when I go to my library to try to download the movie it does not work it will stream the movie but will not let me download the movie on to my sd card which is a 32gb card and has plenty of space I can download the movies that I purchased from the nook shop but the synched ultraviolet movies will not download from the library.  I really do not want to use the Flixster app because I have tried it before and it did not work.  I can only stream. This is really frustrating especially since I was able to download and watch the movies and now I cannot download the movie that I had done before :smileysad: any suggestion please help