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    Archived and Nook cloud

      I thought these two were the same thing? I have moved stuff to the nook cloud but it does not show up in my archived screen. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
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          My guess is that they had to include the archived area so u could see books u may have archived online or in other nook devices. I would also guess that archives section will be phased out at some point in favor of the cloud. Bad part . . . Putting something in the cloud doesn't remove it from books list like it should and likr it does on every other tablet I have. Hope they correct that in the future.
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            I still have my Nook Color & what I have been doing is archiving my magazines from that device instead of send them to the Cloud from the HD+. That seems to remove them from the HD+ library. If I move them to the Cloud they still show up on the device. I get a lot of magazines & if left on the device as I  tend to forget I have already read them or accidently click on them & download them again. I really prefer the archiving method but I think we are stuck with the Cloud.

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              The don't appear to be the same thing.  I can archive from my NC and Cloud from my HD+.  I much prefer the former, where the item disappears but remains on the separate archived shelf. If I send something to the Cloud, it stays there with the little cloud icon; to me, this is uneccesary clutter. I haven't spent a whole lot of time playing with it, but they do appear to be two different functions. For example, I had a magazine whose cover didn't appear on my HD+, although I had the cover on the NC.  Clouding and unclouding it didn't do anything; but archiving it and unarchiving it on the NC did cause the cover to appear on the HD+.

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                I agree with you guys. I like having the books that are archived removed from my library Page. That is the point of archiving after all. Hopefully they fix that after the next update.
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                  I wound up making a shelf called All New. I moved all unread books to this shelf. When I buy something I add it to this shelf and here is where igo tp look for something new to read. None of the cloud books show in this shelf and if left on this page, by using nook home button to go home, it will open back tø this shelf instead ofmain library area. Works for me for now. I'm curious about the magazines going away. Why would that happen if u paid for them.
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                    Thans....that is exactly what I did.

                    I never use the Cloud....I prefer archiving and it's benefits.

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                      So here is my discovery for this morning on this. I went to my HD + to check to see if I had this title in my Archived stuff. I knew I did but just wanted to verify. There is no way on the NOOK HD + to see your already archived items. You can only do that from the other NOOKs or you login account on bn.com. So even when I search my library for the book it doesn't find it, but when I go to shop and search for the title it finds the title and indicates that I have already purchased it. I do not like this feature at all. I like having access to my archived titles at all times.
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                        WRONG! Go to the library. Down at the bottom is an icon (four lines in a stack, I recall); this will bring up a menu that includes an option to view the archive. Archived entries will appear with the "download cloud". What the HD/HD+ lack is a way to add books to the archive.
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                          the archive feature is still there on Nook HD. you just have to do it from your "online library" on a computer. archive feature is there. then do a refresh on your Nook.