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    XIMAD Magic Puzzle (jigsaw) apps have bad adware?


      After a recent update to my anti-virus app, it complained that my Magic Puzzle jigsaw app by XIMAD (from the NOOK app store) uses an advertising service that will produce notification ads and pop-up ads without any indication of where they're coming from, making it very difficult to stop them.


      Since the anti-virus app never complained about this before, and I've had the Magic Puzzle app on my NOOK for a long time, I assume that what happened is that the advertising service has gone rogue.

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          I really don't think it's the ad service. I have a couple anti-viruses on my Nook HD+ and both of them had either freaked over the Nook's Demo mode or the Crosswords preinstalled game. One said the demo mode was a virus! The other AV said that the Crosswords was malware! It's my opinion that android based antivirus apps were designed for every other device except B&N's nook devices hence the freak out over Nook software. What antivirus are you using? Most of them have an ignore list you can add your apps to if you think it's a false positive and it won't bother with them anymore.