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    I need help finding a youth fantasy novel I read in Junior High


      *My apologies for lousy grammar, or punctuation, I don't write, I just read.


      I read a book when I was a teenager that I loved but lost track of...

      I do not know the name, or the author, and I can't even remember the characters names, which really stinks...

      What I do remember is that it's about a young girl, who is chosen by an old White Witch/Sorceress, to become her successor, and is chosen by some lost article that girl finds which was placed by the old woman (not positive on the specifics).

      There is also a young boy who i believe might be a prince that the girl befriends...

      The girl has to travel up into snowy mountains to a "tower" or "spire" (where the white witch/sorceress resides) in order to be trained to become the next white witch/sorceress, there is a lot of rune magic. I recall that there was a Golem, or a wooden doll like creature that had runes all over it and it was basically the soul of the man the old sorceress loved who had been transferred from his dying body to the wooden doll thing, and this creature was there for the girl a lot if i recall correctly, i believe the girl had confided in him about not being able to scry, worried that she wasn't cut out for magic.

      the girl would explore the "spire" and unlock some of it's secrets, but the apex of the story is when the old woman is abducted by (i think) Wraith-creatures or what i imagined to be snow goblin-like creatures, and the young girl and her friend have to rescue the old witch/sorceress which she is unsure she can do because her magic is very weak, but she manages to do so.

      the thing i remember the most is that when she explored the "spire" or "tower" there was a snow covered courtyard of some sort that she discovered but i can't recall if it had any significance in the book but it WAS important for some reason, and i remember that there was mention that the courtyard covered in snow was referenced as being Obsidian....

      I know the girl was born to a lower class, and she was virtually unimportant before being discovered by the old woman.

      I hope that some of this will be useful, Ive been trying to find this book for 4 years and it's going to drive me batty if i can't at least find out the darn title... so infuriating!

      anything will help!

      thank you!