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    Nook HD+ Software Update?


      I believe the Nook HD  is running Android 4.0.1. Is there any chance B&N will issue a software update? Some of my games and programs have been updated and will no longer run on anything lower than 4.1.

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          Sorry, but I don't think they'll be updating the HD's or HD+'s since they've been discontinued by B&N. You'll have to either find alternatives to your apps and games or trade the HD in for the new Samsungs.

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            Thanks Slytheringilr. That is my assumption as well.  I am hoping @Alex Garcia will weigh in and confirm one way or the other. 

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              I just posted a new similar thread but I could have just added it here.


              As apps are being updated they are no longer compatible with the HD?HD+ OS.  Its happened to several of mine already and I expect soon it will be most of the good ones.  Even apps that aren't updated are now failing to run as somehow the coding must not work with the ancient OS the HD/HD+ runs.


              Time to move on from these.  I have two brand new in box (HD 16GB, HD+ 32GB) if anyone wants a good deal. Meet in the Chicago suburbs.

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                Third option:  obtain an AFN.com microSD card.

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                  A decent possible stop gap measure since it would install KitKat, which is 4.4.  Problem is that OS will most likely be phased out by developers too, although by then it would most certainly be time for a new tablet.  The surest way to keep it current is to mod it on your own.

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                    Have you had success with this product?  It scares me; since I don't know too much about the guts of my NOOK HD+ and NOOK Tablet. 


                    I would love to try this on both of my tablets!  I can't afford a new Samsung tablet right now and I will not buy another B & N NOOK product.


                    Please let me know how these work in plain and simple terms and if I need to do a factory reset etc.  I do know how to backup my device, but installing something foreign has me nervous.


                    I love my device and use it daily. This could be my best hope since I'm having the same issues as KelliKatlady.


                    Thank you!!!

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                      Thanks Froide. I may just try the AFN.com card as an inexpensive option (albeit temporary as bru20 pointed out).

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                        Oh so true, no updates for the HD+.  After much consideration, I have purchased a Samsung 8" 16gb tab, not the Nook version, and loaded up the Nook app as well as the "other" reader app.  Passing my HD+ down to my son.  I considered the Samsung Nook, but received an excellent deal on the one I purchased.  Just makes more sense not to get the Nook with proprietary software which may or may not ever be updated. Just my 2 cents.  I still love B&N!

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                          I am so with you on this!  I love B & N and always will, but no more NOOK products other than books.  Tell us about your excellent deal.  I wanted to get one at Costco this year, but we've had a major financial setback and it will be best if I wait this wait.  I took a picture of the Costco signage so I can know when I see a deal as good or better anywhere.


                          I'm going to research the SDcard upgrade and get my husband's input before I make any moves.


                          Thanks for sharing, this has breathed new life into my hope of keeping my NOOK HD+ going.

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                            Picked it up at Target with and additional 20% off, so around $160 for the Tab A, 16Gb, can add up to 128Gb with SD card, so it will hold everything and more than I have.  Unfortunately, it was on Black Friday, so the sale is over. I was worried that the 8" was not big enough for me, but it is just fine.  Just keep checking prices.  heartofmyhome

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                              heav - I was looking at moving to a Samsung device.  Do you have the ability to save apps/books/music, etc.  downloaded from GooglePlay on the SD Card on the TAB A?


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                                KellieKatLady - some of the apps you can, some you cannot.  Just like on their phones.  Not sure why that is the case, but some apps have to stay on the device, I guess.  Other stuff I can move to the card with no problems. You can go into the settings and set the default download location to the card.  I really, really like it so much better, and I have had every Nook, until they switched to Samsung.  And to be honest, for how long??  They are going to farm it all out, so it just made more sense to NOT get the Nook and just get the Android based tablet.  Love it.

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                                  Thanks @heav - I am not sure if I'll upgrade now (we are buying a new house and I am saving as many pennies as I can) but I am definitely not planning to get another Nook when I do decide to upgrade. 

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                                    Alex Garcia

                                    Hi KellieKatLady - thanks for the question.


                                    Unfortunately, there aren't any current plans to update the HD/HD+ line. However, we will continue to support the existing OS. For newer Android experiences I definitely recommend our Samsung line, and of course our NOOK app is available for most phone/tablets on the market today as well.


                                    - Alex

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