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    Idle State - battery drain


      The battery on my HD+ requires constant charging. Looking at the battery usage meter suggests the tablet is not going into Sleep Mode but staying "Awake" with the screen off with the "tablet idle" entry using the battery. On the other HD+ I have, it clearly enters another state as the line for "awake" is broken verse solid like on HD 1. I turned it off and back on, did not start any apps and ensured there wasn't anything in the background & the battery dropped 30% overnight. I check "power safe mode" set to "yes" [What does that mode do anyway I haven't found very much information on what it is or how to adjust the settings; must be a core programming thing] I can only assume the "enter sleep mode" protocol has somehow been changed or a recent app is preventing it to enter that mode. Any suggestions besides the factory reset option? I've looked at XDA & Android Central forums with many threads on battery life etc. but nothing on the tablet running the battery down because of an idle state.

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          You could try running the battery down to zero.  This solves a problem called latchup.  This is when a sneak leakage path is created when a static charge happens.  Like when you touch the device after you walked across a carpet in wool socks.  It is suppose to be designed not to happen but sometimes it does, especially in winter.

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              the battery never seems to reach zero when I leave it on...all I get is the critically low battery plug it in and then it shuts itself down. mine has never reached zero...oftentimes the batter is at 70 % or more when the critically low battery light goes on...I was told the battery connection isn't talking to the device...not happy as I have about 300 books on my device and can't read for any period of time without plugging in.. I put a Nook app on my Android device, a Nexus, and transferred all my books there....you can do it with a Kindle, too..