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        agarcia responds to PMs. Have you tried reaching out to him (or any of the other mods) by PM?

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          Today I sent a PM to Alex Garcia asking him to check into this.  Since he jumps in and responds to other posters in different threads I guess I figured he or someone from B&N would have seen this thread by now.  Let's see if Alex Garcia responds.

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            Alex did reply to my PM.  I've copied and pasted his response for those who are interested in the Wish List drama.   It was very kind of Alex to respond even though there is still no answer as to when a functioning Wish List will be available.  The only thing I don't agree on, is the comment about the "tumultuous shopping period".  The wish list has been broken since mid-June last year, the holidays weren't even on the radar on that point.  That is just my opinion, but I do thank Alex for responding and wanted to share his reply for those that are interested.  Guess we'll just continue with a non-working wish list while waiting for updates over the next several weeks/months.



            "Hi Sharon, I'm sorry for the trouble you've had navigating your wishlists on our site. I know this is a sour point for many users. Unfortunately, I don't have much more to add to what was already shared with you. However, I can confirm the issue is being actively tracked and worked on within our development team.


            With that said - I can't confirm a date for the fix to be deployed at this time, but thankfully with our most tumultuous shopping period behind us; I would expect to see quite a few updates being deployed in the coming weeks/months.


            I know this probably isn't the answer you wanted, but I hope it helps if even just a bit.

            Feel free to contact me if you need anything else."


            - Alex

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              Thanks for posting. But BN might want to re-think how they respond to customer complaints... this kind of reply gives the impression that BN really doesn't care too much about the users' web experience ("tracking" the issue sounds suspiciously like they don't have enough resources to work on the problem and don't consider it a priority).


              Too bad. Web updates should not remove existing functionality, but it seems to me the last web update took away a lot of much-used features that were working before the update. I have a large investment in BN books and would like to see it succeed, but more and more I find myself going to competing websites because they just work.

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                It appears the Wish List has been repaired.  When checking out my list this morning to purchase a book, the list went directly to Page 2 and each page in order thereafter.  I hope the repair is permanent.  Thank you B&N!

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                  Thank you for posting, it is working for me now, and I just bought 3 books from my wishlist that I found had lowered in price!

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                    My wish list is broken again, since yesterday. I can see the first page, but if I try to advance to the next pages by clicking the "2", "3" or ">" nothing happens.


                    Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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                      Yes, once again the Nook Wishlist is not working.  I noticed that when I try to go to the next page, the "#" comes up in the link instead of the page number.  Pretty discouraging that the "fix" has only lasted since February of this year.  What did it take, 8 months or more last time to fix it?  Let's hope for quicker attention this time to repair it.

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                        Yeah, broken again. I had just finished redoing my wishlist on the 11th. Everything was fine then. Not now.


                        But, I have found a workaround. If I change the Results per page value, I notice the URL in the browser URL line is significantly different than the default URL when I launch the wishlist. The changed URL allows me to change the last digit from 1 to whatever page number I want; then I press Enter and the wishlist jumps to that new page.

                        Since I like 20 results per page, I change the 20 to 10, then back to 20, then change the page number in the URL.  I'm using Chrome browser, if that makes any difference.


                        I have also noticed the wishlist isn't syncing from the bn.com site to the Nook apps on my Nooks and phone. The changes I made earlier this week at bn.com didn't show up on my Android devices, and changes I made on a Nook didn't sync to the bn.com site.  The Androids seem to sync fine among each other. The syncing was working fine several months ago.


                        Oh good grief. I just forced a sync on my Library on my Sam Gal Tab S2 Nook and looked at my wishlist there and it now includes the old Nook apps which, of course are no longer available and which I had manually deleted months ago, but they don't show up on my phone. Sigh.

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                          Very frustrating that the list only lasted 6 months before not it's not working again.  I'll try what you suggest.  Thank you.

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                            Thanks for the tip on the workaround. That seems to work on Safari too.

                            I also decided to print my wish lists (saved as pdf's) for reference -  although you can only print each page at a time.

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                              I did send a PM to Alex and here is a copy of his reply.  So unfortunately, not sure when list will be fixed, but he also confirmed the workaround.


                              Hi Sharon, thanks for the message. Our web development team is working on a fix for this issue.


                              In the meantime, there is a small workaround you can perform by doing the following:

                                -change the sort order & then add/change the page number in the address bar(last number)


                              I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Hope this helps just a bit.


                              - Alex

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                                haha, thanks - petesnook already posted that workaround over a week ago (I sent a PM to Alex also but  never received a reply. )

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                                  It's been over a month now and still have to use the "work around" for the Wish List to work.  Guess some things aren't too important for customer/tech support.  Last time it took B&N 6 months to fix the list, was hoping it wouldn't take so long this time. I guess if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. 

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                                    Yeah, I emailed B&N customer service with a complaint about it a few weeks ago and got a canned reply that they are aware of the issue, etc, etc. Doesn't seem to be too important to B&N to fix it. Too bad. I usually buy most of my books from my Wish list (and I've bought quite a few), so if there are others out there like me, I guess they don't care too much about the lost business. Very disappointing .

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