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    Email, Contacts, Calendar repeatedly crash - problem with child profiles?

      I ordered my nook hd+ off the website and received the first one in the mail on Wed. 11/14. The first thing I did was customize some settings including setting up a child profile for my nephew. Then I discovered the email, contacts, and calendar app would not work on my profile anymore. Contacts and calendar crashed and email would not start at all. I took it into the store and after they talked to tech support they did a factory reset. It worked fine until the next day when the problem reoccurred. On Fri. 11/16 I went to the store again and exchanged it. My new one seemed to work much better - until yesterday. Email, contacts and calendar stopped working again until I did another factory reset. I have now configured my nook 3 times and am not happy! There is a massive software glitch somewhere. The one common thread seems to be that the problem happens after I set up and use a second profile for my nephew. His profile is set to only allow certain children's apps and it was after he used my nook yesterday that the email, etc. stopped working. The email app actually seems to uninstall itself completely and calendar and contacts will start up but crash as soon as I try to add an account to them. I get a very unhelpful message that just says, "Calendar has stopped working." with no other details. My hd+ is currently working but I have deleted the children's profiles from my device and am not using them anymore until I am sure this is the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Please respond!