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    eBook issues and B&N customer support unable to fix..anyone else?


      As a new Nook user (eInk), I am amazed at how little B&N support people can actually do to help.

      I recently reported a problem with inability to load a sample book.  Via the website the file/book is

      put into my selections, something loads to the nook as the title shows up, but upon trying to open

      I get the message

      "sorry unable to open your book".

      Reporting this via chat the support people had me delete the book and re-download, this time only

      the title page loaded to the nook screen. Upon closing the book and

      re-opening I got the same "sorry" message on the nook. On the main website the sample also fails to

      load to the pc for viewing there. So clearly the file is corrupted. Reporting this to B&N support two weeks

      ago, they promised to get this file restored. Still not done, same problem with sample today. So now they tell

      me the file has to come from the publisher (so much for IT reliability).


      Is this normal experience here? I can get the file from Amazon and convert the file to epub and load, but is that

      the experience B&N really wants us to have?