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    Sluggish touchscreen in HD+? Reviews say..

      HD+ owners, I am considering buying this device, but I have read the reviews at 



      and two reviews talk about: "Touch response is sluggish" and "The touch screen is sluggish", is it true? or just bad units?


      Please If you have another tablet, compare both touch response..



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          I believe the review was based on units with a debugging feature enabled that slowed screen response.  Current units do not have this enabled and the screen response is not noticeably different from my iPad.


          If you don't have a BN near you, Target, Walmart and Best Buy carry the HD+ and have liberal return policies so you can try them for yourself.  Target offers a 5% discount if you use their credit card.

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            I just bought an HD+ at Target on Friday and found that it does have times that it is sluggish. Sometimes using both the stock browser and Dolphin I have the screen lag, hang, and sometimes I have to reboot. The other "glitch" and this may be related to what Roustabout mentioned in another post, is that the sd card is "checking for errors" for an inordinate amount of time (like 30 minutes or more) that might account for this. Otherwise, I am mostly pleased with the HD+ especially when I compare it pricewise to everything out there in a 9" tablet. The screen is nice and I really mostly read, browse the web, email, and am looking forward to an occasional movie. Google apps are nice and I still have my rooted nook color but I have not really missed the Play store or Amazon App store that much (yet).

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              The debugging issue was addressed on mine as soon as I registered it with BN - it picked up a critical update immediately.  I bought the unit on 11/2, so any consumer reviews should be on hardware that got the update (I was amazed at how fast it was delivered.)  


              The screen can definitely be laggy at times.


              Most of the time, it's not too bad nor too surprising - my desktop computer bogs down now and again when loading a complex web page, and that's the time I see it most often, with a few exceptions:


              - the status indicator (top center of the screen) is always slow and unpredictable in its responsiveness

              - if an SD card is in use, the device can become very unresponsive for long periods of time while it "checks the card for errors," even a card which it just finished formatting.  


              The unusability of sdcards is disappointing.  It blunts one of the big advantages that the HD+ had  for  me.


              Even so, the display and internal storage capacity stack up well at the price point, though I may sell the HD+ or give it away and move to something else.  

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                Skipped, I have two HD+s and both are fast.


                I also have Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and Surface Tablet and Hd+ is as fast as those.


                I used to have an iPad and that was smoother. However, it was smoother than everything else too.


                So, I'd say


                HD+ with update = Nexus 7, Fire HD, Surface etc. in smoothness.


                There are a few places where it lags a bit. Which is in longer screens with lists, and some webpages. That doesn't happen for me on Nexus 7.


                Nook HD doesn't get that either.


                I don't think it's enough of an issue to not buy the HD+. And that it will improve with software updates.


                However, I'd recommend playing with one at a B&N or Target to make sure it works fast enough for you. Some people don't mind and some people seem to mind a lot.

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                  I've had mine since the forst weekend they were out.  I do not find the screen sluggish at all.  It's certainly more responsive than the NC.  I have not had to re-boot the device since I got it after some initial issues with getting it to download my books on Day 1.  I am delighted with the HD+.  My only issues are the relatively minor on of a soft grey band on the right side of the screen (not a problem after I used the middle stting for margins) and the fact that I can't get it to sync highlights with my NC.  Not sure if it's supposed to, but can't find the answer.  Other than that, the thing is awesome.

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                    I don't find the touchscreen sluggish but I do find the web browser lags a bit. Just my two cents.

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                      I've found that it can be sluggish when reading magazines. That's the only time I've had the screen stall for 10-15 seconds or so. The screen is magnificent. The features are, as well. And the price point? You can't beat what you get for the money. Nook HD+ is a no-brainer to me. If you've got an abbreviated budget and are looking for a fantabulous ereader, I recommend this one strongly.
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                        I found the display units at Target running 2.0 sluggish, but after I updated them to 2.0.2 it was much better. Touch response now is outstanding, and now that I have Google Play and root I'd be tempted to leave the stock software in place even if custom ROMs become an option.

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                          I've had my HD+ for a week, and find that the screen is sometimes unresponsive to touch. I've even had this problem with the Nook pen stylus I laid out $20 for. 90% of the time, the screen is perfectly responsive, but there ARE times when it just sits there, with me tapping, tapping, tapping a book or another icon, until EVENTUALLY it kicks in. I don't know whether this is software or hardware related. I'm thinking about returning it for another.

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                            Just noticed that I've a "message" icon in the upper middle of my screen. No matter how many tiems I tap that icon, it doesn't open the messages. I'm about set to return this unit. However, just noticed that there's been an update to the software. Can someone please advise me what version the NEW software is. I have version 2.0.4 on my unit. Curious if this is the latest.
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                              2.0.4 is the latest update, as of 11-26-12.


                              As for your complaint about the touchscreen, I have noticed this but not to the point where it bugs me so much I want to return my device. I have the HD+ and only once in awhile do I have to tap multiple times to get something done. Mostly, it happens using the stock browser but if I wait, instead of tapping again, it'll work. When I switch over to Dolphin it doesn't happen. I've been trying to keep my screen clean, as I don't use a screen protector. I don't know what causes it but at least I can answer the question about the latest update. I have a friend with an iPad that has the same complaint as you if that makes you feel any better.


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                                I've found that mine can get sluggish on occasion, especially in the web browser. I've also noticed that it's more likely to happen if my hd+ has been running a few days without a restart. In those situations if I turn it off (full power down, not just turning the screen off) then restart it the responsiveness is MUCH better.
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                                  My new HD+  is running software 2.0.2, and when I click on "Check for Updates", it tells me there are no updates available.  How do I get the 2.0.4 update?

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                                    I exchanged my HD+ Christmas present at Staples yesterday and had the same problem. I downloaded the update file to my laptop, attached my Nook HD+, copied the file onto the root directory and the update occurred within 10 minutes.


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