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    Nook HD or Tablet?? Which should I get?

      I've had a Nook Color for 2 years.  I use it mostly for reading and a little web surfing.  i'm thinking about upgrading to a Tablet or HD (I like the small size).  Would like the option to watch Hulu.  Like the HD option of outputting to TV.  I've been reading this board and have seen a few issues with the HD:


      --possible screen shading

      --Flash problems

      --audio playback



      What problems am I missing with the HD?  What advantages does the HD have over the Tablet? What's this about the HDMI connector?  IS the HDMI slot a mini or regular?


      Any insights would be appreciated!




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          Pros of HD


          1) HD screen is MUCH better.

          2) Lighter.

          3) Newer.


          You can get a separate HDMI connecter (I think it's $39) that will let you connect HD to TV and play movies.


          The Software issues you see with HD - some of them will get fixed.


          Flash problems - for some people Flash works fine once they install Flash player. So, your mileage may vary based on how good/lucky you are with downloading Flash according to the instructions people post on this board. If you read the threads you'll notice that more people than not are getting it to work.


          Also if you search there are some threads where people have outlined very clear differences between HD and Tablet.


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            Ive had both color, tablet and now have HD.  While I've not had any of the mentioned issues with my HD, the volume is horrible and on one speaker, you don't actually get stereo.

            If you are only reading and surfing . .  get the Tablet, it actually works better than the HD lol.  Appears most issue are with the HD+ so would stay away from that one for now.


            Only advantage to HD is being able to connect to TV, eventually, if you will watch movies.  However . . . I'm not sure if anything other than movies from BN will actually play?  I know on my IPAD only movies from ITunes will play on TV.  Netflix won't.  I don't use Hulu, Netflix is wayyyyyy better.


            Hope that helps.