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    Nook HD w/ Google Apps Account

      Has anyone had success setting up their Nook to access mail/contacts/calendar on their google apps account?  I've seen that regular gmail accounts should work but have yet to find a way to get my Nook to connect to my apps account. 

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          Do you mean an account you have through Google Apps?


          I'd read somewhere that support for it to work with Android Phones etc. still isn't available. You should check whether Google supports this or not. I suspect Google hasn't yet made that support available.

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            I have a domain through google and when I went to add it to my device, I went to my account at google, looked through the help menu for settings and how to set it up on my device. I have a gmail account and my domain email account there and though both are different accounts, the settings were pretty much the same. I'm not sure if that is the same thing as a google apps account though I would still think it would be listed in the help menu for the account if differemt and there was a way to do it.