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    reading nook book in a browser


      I use to always read my nook books in a browser during my lunch breaks at work, but lately I've been unable to do that. I use to occasionally have issues with this, but usually closing my browser, or trying a different one I could get it to work. This hasn't been working at all now and I'm not sure what changed. I login, go to my account, my nook, then chose a book from my library. Instead of opening it to read it takes me to the store page to buy it. I actually read my books more through this method than any other, and it's really annoying. I can click on the read sample in the lower left corner from the store page, but I already bought the book. It acts like I haven't and I can not get around this.

      I've tried IE 11, Firefox, and Chrome with the same results. Did something change or am I missing something? Did they remove this functionality?

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          Yes, they removed the functionality.  They don't want to let you read books in a browser.  Why?  Who knows?  The explanations don't seem to hold water.


          They tell you that you should use Nook for PC instead, but even though Windows 10 has been out for months, Nook for PC still won't work properly on it.  If you have a PC running Windows 8.1, that's an option.  The Nook for PC download for Windows 7 and earlier has been removed.


          If you want to read Nook books you need an actual Nook, or the Nook app on a phone or tablet.


          B&N makes it really hard to be a loyal customer.


          According to this post Read Instantly feature is gone :

          On Tuesday, June 30, we updated our BN.com ecommerce website with new features. The NOOK for Web "Read Instantly" function was not updated as part of this rollout. Our technology team is currently working on including the NOOK for Web "Read Instantly" functionality and we hope to have it available in the near future.


          Very nice sounding, except that it was written in July.  Then "near future" is long past.

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              Thanks for the reply. It's crazy that when you look at nook support on their website, they still list nook for web as an option and have instructions on how it should work in the FAQ.


              I try so hard to be loyal to B&N, my wife and I still frequently visit our local B&N store but some books that I read from the office I like to buy in ebook format. They are forcing a loyal paying customer to buy from competitors, and that disrespect may cause me to look elsewhere for all my books.