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    Nook to pull out of the UK and cease selling/renting video in the US


      So a member over in the Mobile Reads site posted an email they got about how Nook is going to pull out of the UK and that they have partnered with Sainsbury's Entertainment on Demand to ensure that customers have  "continued access to the vast majority of your purchased NOOK Books at no new cost to you" (direct quote from the email the user posted). 


      I received a similar email regarding movies and tv series, seems Nook is no longer going to sell or provide them, they have partnered with Disney and CinemaNow to provide access to the purchased content.  However one line from the email got my attention, "After April 30, 2016, NOOK will no longer support video streaming, download, and playback on NOOK devices, the NOOK Reading App™ for Android, or the NOOK Video app.".  Now it could be that they mean they just are going to support it from their end, but that Disney and CinemaNow will still be able to stream and download content if you have their video app installed.  However given B&N's less than stellar track record with doing things that make sense, communicating properly with customers, and seeming to have any concept of how to maintain good customer relations it's also possible that they're disabling video downloads on the Nook tablets entirely, and only allowing for streaming ala a Netflix like arrangement.


      The UK withdraw is effective March 15th 2016, while the video service change for US customers is going to effect after April 30th 2016.


      Just last year B&N pulled out of Europe in a similar fashion, though I do not recall them establishing a means for customers to continue access to their purchases.


      So after March 15th B&N will once again only sell ebooks within the US.  Meanwhile Amazon and Kobo continue to sell content across the world.  Kobo's CEO even gave a speech about how this is the end of the beginning of ebooks, meaning that they have become an established product with stable sales.  Link to the article about his speech: 'End of the beginning for e-books' says Tamblyn | The Bookseller


      I for one am glad I have backed up my Nook book purchases.  I have a gift card balance of something like 25$, once that is used up I don't see any reason to continue to purchase my ebooks from them.  Prices are, more or less, the same and since I read using my Kobo H2O it was always a small hassle getting Nook books downloaded and sent over.  It wasn't -hard- but it was harder than it should be.


      Perhaps it's time for B&N to pull the plug on Nook and just call it quits in terms of trying to sell devices.

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          nook's business plan seems to be run by someone(s) who have the attention span of a toddler and the knack of doing the exact opposite something that will keep loyal customers coming back. I've backed up my purchases from all the ebook vendors i purchase from since eReader/Fictionwise was bought by B&N (and have watched Borders, Sony, and several smaller ebook vendors either fold their customer base into Kobo or go under). Hopefully this isn't a harbinger of things to come and B&N keeps (at least) their US ebook store open. If not, hopefully Kobo, Google, (or more unlikely, Amazon) can buy/absorb B&N's ebook business the way Borders and Sony customers were given the opportunity to transfer (at least some, if not all) of their library to Kobo. Most of my ebook purchases now go to either Kobo or Google, except when I get a B&N gift card thru my credit card rewards program. This is especially sad, since I bought the nook 1st edition and have owned several nook devices after that - and once had high hopes for B&N's ebook business.

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            Last year, BN closed Nook International ebook store, but spared Nook UK and Nook USA. Now Nook UK is closing. Following that trend, Nook USA will be next. I am heavily invested in Nook since the Nook Color and own hundreds of nook books. How do I protect my investment? How do you back up your Nook books? Can you then read them on a different app in case Nook USA doesn't make it?

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                you can 'future proof' your ebooks, you will need the following


                1) Calibre


                2) A means to download your Nook books to your computer, this can be done with Nook Study which is available for mac and PC but you'll need to google for a download link


                3) Tools from Apprentice Alf which you also need to google for (apprentice alf drm should get you what you need).


                This will require doing some technical things.  However Alf does a good job of breaking them down


                Note that this process strips the DRM from your ebooks which is at best in the dark grey zone of legal.  It has been discussed here and elsewhere and the overwhelming majority feel that if you are not distributing your ebooks to others that the chances of anything happening to you are remote at best.

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                    Ok here's my question....I you "future proof" your books will you be able to move them to another device or will they just be on your computer?

                    I guess this latest move by B&N really doesn't surprise me, It makes me mad, but doesn't surprise me. I was part of the beta test on the Nook app a while back and it seems to me that, that is the direction the company is headed. The Sammy Nooks in my opinion are just a waste of money. You are better off just getting a stand alone Samsung tablet and installing the app.

                    I have been a loyal Nook user since the Color came out but never really used the video/app side of things as it was a bit buggy and nearly half of my UV titles would not play via the Nook anyway. But the fact that they are taking away something that was there really ticks me off. I went through the same thing with Microsoft's Zune a while back and it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

                    I currently have a Nook HD that I am using less and less. Instead I use the Nook app on my phone and Samsung tablet. And as much as I hate to say it I am moving slowly over to the Amazon ecosystem.

                    It's a shame the Nook could have been the go to device for e-readers, but for what ever reason it's not.

                    OK, rant over.....:)

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                        If you 'future proof' your ebooks they will be on your computer, you can then take those files and send them to a device of your choice as long as that device supports loading books. 


                        You may need to change the format, which you can do with Calibre, if you're going to switch to Amazon.


                        You may also want to check out Kobo, they are owned by a company which does not mind pumping money into development.  They may not be cutting edge, but their devices and the software on them are of good quality.  The benefit of Kobo, over say Amazon, is you could just take your 'future proofed' ebooks right to the Kobo ereader without needing to convert them.  And there doesn't seem to be any worries about Kobo going away, they pulled the plug on tablets some time back but have since released an eink device in one model or another for the past few years.  Unlike B&N who went two years between the 2013 Glowlight and the 2015 Glowlight Plus, to say nothing of the time between the NSTG and the 2013 Glowlight.


                        I have urged folks in the past along with other regulars here to make sure your ebooks are backed up.  I continue to urge you to back them up.  Right now it's still relatively easy but should BN opt to shutter the Nook business it may cease to be so easy.


                        I'm not saying Nook is going away tomorrow.  I'm just saying I think it's better to be prepared for it to be gone rather than get caught unawares.