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    Help:  Experienced owners of Sammie NOOKs


      Ok, NOOK owners: So if  I am such a B&N loyal customer that I am stupid enough to turn in my 2nd HD for a NOOK Sammie, which model would you all choose in terms of reliability, non-glitchy, ease of use, and lack of battery problems: the Tab S2, or the Tab E? I would appreciate any and all answers from forum members (and guests) who own these models.

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          To be honest, I would just get a Samsung Tablet and steer clear of the Sammie Nooks.  We don't know what the future holds for the Nook, just my humble opinion.  I picked up a Samsung Tab A and love it.  You can use the Nook app to read your books.  Downside is that you will not be able to use the other apps you have purchased or picked up for free from B&N.  Of course, there is always the google app store.  I was a die hard fan of the Nook since conception, but the tides have turned at B&N.  I do still purchase ebooks from them, just going the safe route on the tablet.  Good luck with your decision.

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              I have a Nook Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.  My Nook HD+ gave out after 3 years of heavy use.  With the $50 rebate it was the best deal in town.  The Tab 4 is similar to the Tab E.  I have no regrets.  I find the resolution of 1280 x 800 to be adequate and the screen is bright.  If price wasn't a factor I would get a Microsoft Surface.

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              Took advantage of trade-in/rebate of a junk HD+ for a Tab E Nook. Got a bluetooth keyboard case and works just fine three months now.

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                I would second the idea of just going with a Samsung tablet from say Best Buy.  You can then download the Nook app through Google Play and get essentially the same experience.  With B&N ceasing to sell apps and videos in the US there really is no reason to get a Nook branded Samsung tablet.  Both will handle ebooks, newspapers, and magazines the same way.  And with the non Nook Samsung there is at least one less set of settings to worry about tweaking.