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    Bluetooth device

      Is there a list of Bluetooth devices that the Nook HD Plus is compatible with? 

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          It should be compatible with any Bluetooth device, I read somewhere (I thought it was in the manual but can't find it now) that the HD+ BT supports all BT formats. I have  Sony BT headphones and they work perfectly with the HD+ right out of the box.

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            Not all Bluetooth devices work with it.  When I called tech support I was told that only speakers and headphones work with it, but I've found through trial and error that some keyboards (Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+) work with it as well.  

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              I have a Plantronics BackBeat 903+ which would not be seen by my Nook HD+. I was told via e-mail "We have checked on the specifications of your headphone and found out that it has microphone on it. As of now, NOOK HD+ does not support headsets with microphone and that is the reason why it will not pair. Being able to pair a headphones with microphone is a very nice idea."


              So I bought a Creative Labs WP-300 which does not have a microphone. My Nook HD+ does not see this either.


              According to the user guide on my new Nook, there is a compatibility list but we should contact our local BN store for that. 

              BN, please make this list available on the Nook HD support site. Thank you.

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                Newly purchased MS Wedge bluetooth keyboard can be seen as "available" but will not pair to my Nook HD. Tried until blue in the face. Took it in-store to BN as advised via instructions and the in-store clerk had the exact info taken out of my instructions. Clerk advised that all the bluetooth stuff was new to the staff and they are working alongside the customer to figure it all out, too.


                Old Jabra headset seen as "available" and pairs but does not work at all when paired.


                Purchased Nook HD 2 days ago and would really like a listing of bluetooth compatible products, as well. I am new to the Nook world and my experience thus far has been more frustrating that "fun" or productive.

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                  I have a bluetooth speaker that it works great with
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                    I purchased bluetooth headphones that pair easily with Nook HD+. The brand and model is ECO-V300. The price from Amazon is $29.00.  The phones provide excellent sound with bass and mid-range sounding natural. It's not advertised but they sound like "open back" due to good stereo separation. Yet, when removing the phones there is no detracting noise to other people present. INCREDIBLE BUY FOR THE PRICE AND SOUND. They are not Sennheiser's nor expensive, but very pleasing.


                    To pair, I initiated the phones and then turned on bluetooth on the Nook. Took less than 10 seconds.  


                    A tip: make sure you hold down the MFB button, then release as light starts blinking and make sure it continues blinking while you turn on Nook bluetooth.  Everything will auto connect with no problem.


                    Hope this helps.