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    music app can't create play list

       I inserted an sd card inmy HD+.  Then formated it.  I copied some music to the card.  The HD+ found all the music, i then tried to create a play list and received a message that music stopped.   there were existing play lists that i copied to the card, and they worked and i could add songs.  But I could not create a new play list.


      has anyone been able to create a play list?

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          Nope. I sent an email to tech support last night about this!
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            I also sent a report last night on this. I'm also seeing the following errors:


            1. Unable to import a Playlist from Media Player - the songs import but the playlist doesn't.

            2. Seeing duplicate names of the songs on the playlist. Only the last one is the active one.

            3. Unable to launch the e-mail application. Get an error indicating application not found.


            BTW - When attempting to create playlists, I'm seeing the Music Application crash. It's not just a situation of the Playlist not being able to be created.


            These are the first 4 bugs I've seen after a day of playying with NookHD+.

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              Having same problem with Nook HD.  Loaded songs onto SD card and tried to create playlist, but music app crashed.  So, I into local B&N today and was told that the Nook can't make changes to the SD card.     Basically, when trying to create a playlist from within the Nook music player, with songs on SD card, the Nook is trying to create the playlist on the SD card...but it's not allowed to that, so the app crashes. 


              My question is, which program are you using to create playlists, which are then transferred to the Nook?  It's a pain, but I wouldn't mind doing that on my desktop and transferring over to Nook, but not sure how to go about doing so. 

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                After looking a bit further, it appears the easiest thing to do is to create a .m3u file, which is a file format for multimedia playlists. 


                *On your desktop/laptop computer, create a text file and give it the name of the playlist you want, with a ".m3u" extension.

                **I created AlGreen.m3u


                *IMPORTANT:   The first line in the file must be #EXTM3U


                *Copy the .m3u file over to the SD Card


                *From within the Nook music player, I went into the Al Green music folder on my SD card, 'clicked' and held one of the songs, choose the Add to Playlist option...and the AlGreen playlist was right there.  Was able to add the song to the playlist without app crashing.

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                  When I press and hold on a song I have the option to "Add to playlist" but when I select "New playlist" I get a popup saying the Music app has crashed.