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      For some reason I am having trouble sideloading. I've sideloaded the same books onto my Nook Classic and my Nook Color, but for some reason I can't onto the hd. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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          Had no trouble sideloading on my HD 7". through Caliber... Are you sideloading from Calibre, or from Nook For PC?

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            I can't sideload any books from Calibre onto the Nook HD+ however I did some testing today and determined it was the operating software.  Here's what I did.  Plugged the Nook HD+ into my own pc that runs XP and it tries to install MTP and not BNTvXXX (x=number).  I plugged it into my other PC that has Vista and it works, installs BNTv600, and is recognized in Calibre so I can sideload.  It's very frustrating and hope someone has a simple solution.

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                On my sideloaded items, that I have on my sd card, all the covers are appearing in the gallery, some are on the books themselves, too, but some are just in the gallery and not the book.  What's going on there?  The only way to remove the covers in the gallery is to delete them one by one (I tried connecting the hd+ to the computer, but it didn't show where the covers were located so I could delete them all at once.


                I haven't had my hd+ for a week and I'm very frustrated withh it.  Good thing I didn't get rid of my old reliable NC and simple touch.


                I loaded my sd card via my computer, not Calibre.

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                Calibre didn't work for me either. It would not recognize the Nook HD+. I have heard that this might be related to Windows XP which is the OS on my main computer. I have Vista on my laptop but I have yet to try my Nook HD+ on that. Since Caliber didn't work, I just used the windows file/edit menu to copy and paste my old epubs onto the HD+. It worked well except that some of the covers for the books do not display in the library menu.

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                  FINALLY got my Adobe Digital Editions files onto my new HD+.  ADE does not "support" or recognize the HD+ as a device so I had to go a round about way to do it.  Rather than opening ADE you just go into "Documents>My Digital Editions" and select the epub file you want and drag and drop into the NookHD>Internal Storage>B&NDownloads>Books  OR  NookHD>Internal Storage>My Files>Books.  


                  I imagine that ADE will update to support this device, but until then I can atleast still get my files.  OVERDRIVE works fine direct from the library, but not all my epub files were from the library.  Hope this helps you or others who were frustrated like me.  BTW my daughter found this fix for me :smileywink:

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                    Media Transfer Protoco (MTP)l is a fee download from Microsoft, it is required for the computer to access the storage spaces on the Nook device.


                    MTP was developed well after the release of Windows XP so it may not be preinstalled on earlier systems.  Look for the MTP in Windows Update or download it directly from Microsoft.


                    Systems with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows should have MTP installed by default.

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                      New to Nook, just trying to connect and HD+ via USB to a Ubuntu 12.04 machine.  Nook is recognized as both an MTP or PTP device, but in both cases is claiming to be a read-only device, and thus I can't copy any content to the device, even though I can browse and view the file heirarchy on the device.  Calibre also returns the same read-only error message.  Haven't found any help online yet, figured I'd ask here.  Thanks in advance.

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                          Just a follow up - since we otherwise like the HD+, we'll assume Ubuntu compatibility will be forthcoming.  At this point we can sidestep the issue by loading content to a microSD card and putting the card in the HD+ - adds an extra step, but it gets the content on the Nook where we want it..