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    Nook HD+ wouldn't power up past 99%

      Initially Nook wouldn't power up past 99%, after three attempts of holding power button for 20 seconds, it went to factory reset and initiated new account start up.  Although the Nook is operating normally, we're unable to access all previous nook (B&N) purchases now.  Apparently our nook account has reverted back to a several year old email address and account.  Barnes &Noble store and 1-800-thebook verified the purchases are there under the old email account.  Our email address was changed in the nook several years ago and all purchases were made under our new email address.  Unfortunately 1-800-thebook will not recognize or release our purchases.  Fortunately we have hard copy receipt thru VISA of the purchases, but without access to the old email we're at a stalemate.

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          Thoroughly frustrated as B&N will not allow access to previous purchases due to our inability to tell them any security information such as email address and password that B&N state the purchases were made under.  Unbelievable, as we have proof of purchase through VISA and the same NOOK serial number the purchases were made on.  We've had current email address during period when all purchases were made.  Old email address that B&N contends coincides with purchases is not accessible nor password that would have applied.  Finally, we are unable to find who at B&N can solve this.  Store the NOOK was purchased from offered sympathy but referred us to 1-800-mybook, who stated that a different email address was involved than B&N store.  Chose this forum in hopes someone from B&N would help. 

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            Sigh. Another example of how we don't own the ebooks, movies, whatever. Maybe Alex can help here, though. Alex, are you still here?

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              Unfortunately no resolution.  Through the latest chat box, we've given B&N all the email addresses we've ever had, but they say it's under a different email address and refuse to go any further due to their policies.  I find it very hard to understand why they can't or won't try to resolve as we have the nook by serial number, the purchases were made on, and the VISA account that shows the transactions is in our name.  All the other agencies we interact with are able to verify when you forget your password and or user name when something like this happens. 

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                Try messaging Alex Garcia on these boards. Just a thought, but sometimes he's helpful.



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                  Thank you so much for the advice.  I've messaged Alex.

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                    Thanks to Alex, my problem solved.  Very possibly when initially opening my B&N account, I incorrectly entered my email address by one or two characters and in turn I couldn't determine what email address to give B&N in trying to solve this access problem.  Fortunately through Alex, my access to purchases has been restored and I'm now a happy camper.....

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                      Glad to hear it!

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                        I think I have the answer on how to prevent the freezing of the NOOK HD +. After your devise freezes and all that is displayed is 99%, I suggest that you follow these instructions:

                        1. Turn off devise.
                        2. Turn it on and immediately press and hold both Home and Power buttons until the Factory Reset screen appears.  Press Home again and confirm by pressing Home button again.  Within 3 minutes you'll be back to factory ROM and ready to setup new user.
                        3. Register devise with Barnes and Noble, but DO NOT register with google.
                        4. Let automatic updates follow.
                        5. The tablet will update and restart.
                        6. Click on top of tablet and select the bottom menu option which is 'All Settings'.
                        7. Select Devise Information.
                        8. Click on Software version. This will activate the devise to do the next update.
                        9. Restart.
                        10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until there are no more updates.
                        11. NOW and only now Register with Google.
                        12. Now chose from google play apps you desire. Word of warning - app such as games and music significantly slow down performance and can cause freezing.
                        13. Whenever you decide to power off the devise, switch wifi to off.


                        I have owned my NOOK HD + for 3.5 years. I have had numerous freezing events and they all appear to be due to Barnes and Noble system updates. The NOOK HD + was designed for high resolution graphics, but not as a power house.The O/S is a modified version of the android 4.02. This devise is outstanding for reading and even applications such as Netflix. To be safe only install apps from reliable vendors as most apps make their money by snooping for data from your tablet, thereby contributing to crashes or freezing. Currently I have installed non evasive apps such as Firefox, WP, WSJ, K9 and the Merriam Webster dictionary.




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                          stevo, thanks for the suggestions. I haven't had the 99% freezing problem in the 2 1/2 years I have had my HD+, but I know many users have. Of course, since I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 Nook last May, I only use the HD+ for viewing videos on my TV with the HDMI cable.


                          Which brings me to comment on your last paragraph. The S2 has Android 6.x and a higher resolution than the HD+ (2048x1536 vs 1920x1280). The super AMOLED screen of the S2 is a sight to behold. 90% of my use is for reading magazines and I don't find the 8 inch screen of the S2 to be a problem. The size and weight of it makes it more comfortable to hold. And the S2 has a faster processor and 32GB storage.  All in all, the S2 is, for me, a much better Nook than the HD+. It is expensive but worth it. You might want to check it out.

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