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        Thanks for the additional information, but all my movies were purchased from B&N. I don't have a Cinema Now account or UV account etc....I've been waiting for the migration email from B&N before I set up additional account to access my purchases. I messaged Alex, so hopefully I will get a response next week. As of today, I still have not received a migration email (other than the original email sent out weeks ago alerting me to the changes)...and I've checked my spam folder just in case. I don't want to complain too loudly, but I still find it an inconvenience to have to set up additional accounts (or possibly receive credit for movies that won't transfer)...but I guess it's better than just losing everything I paid for even though I don't "own" digital items. I've gotten to where I don't purchase digital content anymore (if I can't back it up)...and I just stream movies instead. If there is a movie that I absolutely love, then I just buy the DVD version. If there is a way to back up digital movies to my computer, then I don't know how.

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          I just received my video migration email. I looked at the FAQ's and it notes that the migration email with your unique access code will be sent by April 15th (for those who have not received theirs yet).

          I haven't set up an account with CinemaNow yet, but for those who have, do you know if your credit card on file with B&N will transfer to CinemaNow along with your other personal information? Has anyone had any experience with CinemaNow?

          Here is the statement from the email I received.

          Thanks for any additional information!

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            I just did the transfer of my Nook video account to CinemaNow. I opened up a CinemaNow account, but I haven't set up a credit card yet. I lost 4 movies in the process, but it did not transfer over my credit card from my Nook account. I haven't added any billing information to the CinemaNow account yet.

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              Thanks Junonia-shell! That's very helpful. I was reluctant to have my cc info transfer since I don't plan on purchasing any more digital movies. I'll go ahead and try setting up the account and see what transfers.

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                I just set up an account and did the migration. I haven't downloaded the CinemaNow app to check the titles, but it appears that all but 6 of my movies transferred (none are Disney that I"m aware of - and I don't have an Ultraviolet account)....but I only received $14.06 in store credit. None of the television titles transferred, but I think I got those for free, so not complaining. Not sure how they came up with that figure since 6 movies cost more than that.....but I guess it is what it is.

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                  That's crazy. My 4 tv episodes transfered which were free, but the movies didn't. None of them were Disney titles and I received no store credit. Unless I have a physical copy of a movie, I never purchase digital movies online anymore. Lesson learned.

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                    Look at the report generated at the end of migration; you can call it up again at cinemanow.com/nook (or by clicking the link in the migration email again). Click on "Migrated" for a list of titles that migrated successfully; click on "Couldn't Be Migrated" for the others and the amount of credit given for each.


                    Remember, CinemaNow migration will NOT include (a) Disney Movies Anywhere-eligible titles (generally Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars-branded films) which will be in the DMA migration email (Touchstone and other non-DMA Disney movies will receive CinemaNow credit), or (b) UltraViolet titles purchased from other UV providers. CinemaNow, like Nook Video, will import your UV library thru your linked UV account; but it's possible that a UV movie in your Nook Video library isn't available at CinemaNow. There is *NO* CinemaNow migration credit for non-Nook UV movies as those are still in your UV library, as well as at the non-Nook UV provider you bought or redeemed it from (i.e., Vudu, Flixster Video, M-GO/FandangoNow, or the in-house UV sites of Paramount, Sony & Universal).

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                      Junonia-shell, first you said all but 4 of your "about 32" movies transferred; now you say none of them did. Which is it? What movies didn't transfer? Did you buy them from Nook Video, or were they UV titles imported from your linked UV library?


                      Also, were any of the missing movies Marvel Cinematic Universe titles (i.e., Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man), recent Marvel "Heroes United" straight-to-video animated movies, or Star Wars films? Except for The Incredible Hulk (still owned by Universal) and the original Star Wars (aka Episode IV: A New Hope, still owned by 20th Century Fox), both UV titles, all of those now belong to Disney and will be included in DMA migration. OTOH, Touchstone (including recent DreamWorks films like The Help, Lincoln & Bridge of Spies) and other films which are distributed by Disney but *not* under the Disney (including Pixar), Marvel or Star Wars banners are *not* DMA-eligible; you should receive CinemaNow credit for those.

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                        Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I have 32 movie titles and 4 tv programs. 4 of my 32 movies did not transfer over, but the 4 tv shows did, which I didn't worry about because they were free Friday specials. The 4 movies I didn't get credit for were old movies. The Mummy(1932), Slither, Out of Sight, and King Kong(2005).

                        These are all from Barnes and Noble Nook Video.

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                          You probably need to contact CinemaNow customer service as those four appear to be glitches. The Mummy & King Kong are both UV-enabled at CN so they should have migrated, though you may need to verify which cut of Peter Jackson's Kong remake you had at Nook (CN has two separate 2005 cuts, in addition to the 1933 & 1976 versions). Out of Sight is rental-only at CN, as is Slither (2006); even if you had the 1973 Slither (not found at CN) you should have received CN credit for both films.

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                            I also had a King Kong 2005 version that did not transfer and was not credited. All my movies were obtained through B&N, not through other sources. I did a search of CinemaNow to see if the titles that didn't transfer were available, but they were not (just to double check). I can understand movies not transferring if they are not offered by CinemaNow, but all 6 movies would have cost more than the $14 credit I received. All the t.v. episodes were free Friday stuff that didn't transfer, but since they were free, I'm not complaining. I looked at several movie titles at CinemaNow and they are around $15 ea or more, even for SD copies, so I wouldn't be able to use my credit for any of those. I'm sure if I delve more deeply, I might be able to find something for less than $15 to use my credit on.

                            Just for reference, some of the other movies that didn't transfer were "Road to Utopia", "Send Me No Flowers","Radio Land Murders", "Going My Way"....and I'm pretty sure those aren't Disney Movies, but maybe I'm wrong.

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                              Road to Utopia and Going My Way are UV. They didn't transfer for you because you never bothered to link your nook account to Ultraviolet.

                              I also bought both from B&N, and they transferred to Vudu and my Cinemanow account long ago. I suspect all but 1 of your other movies that did not transfer were also UV; which is why you only got a money credit for 1 movie. If you had linked your nook account to the uv account in your setup originally, they wou,d have transferred. It may not be too late to do it now.

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                                Nope, it's not too late. She has until April 30 to do that ('though I wouldn't push it to the 11th hour).

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                                  I guess I don't understand what you mean by linking it to a UV account. Was that necessary when I purchased them from B&N? I thought if I purchased something through B&N, then I would watch it through B&N without having to set up an account elsewhere? When I set up the CinemaNow account through the migration, it asked me a question about setting up a UV account and wouldn't let me proceed until I agreed to it. So I guess that means CinemaNow set up an account for me?

                                  How do I transfer the remaining movies to UV and then to CinemaNow? How do you know they are UV movies? Is there something in the description that says they are UV? This is just confusing for someone like me who likes to keep things simple and is not savvy about all these different accounts, which is why I stuck with B&N or AMZ in the first place since they are known to me.

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                                    I just went to the UV website and tried to log in with the same id/password that I used to set up CinemaNow, but it doesn't recognize it, so I"m not sure why CinemaNow indicated it would set up a UV account during the initial set-up process.

                                    I think I'm going to abort the whole idea. I don't really want all these accounts to keep up with. I haven't purchased any digital movies in several years since the initial novelty wore off. I find it easier to just stream movies/tv shows.


                                    To get off topic for a moment, one of my favorite streaming services is with Acorn TV. They have all the British TV shows/movies my little heart desires....and if I remember correctly, it only cost $49 a year (you can do a free month to try it out). It does require setting up an account (unless you get it through Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime member...you can add Acorn TV to your prime membership through Amazon and not have to create a new account).

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