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    Class 10 MicroSD Cards

      I was reading in the manual, and it only mentions Class 2, 4, and 6 cards being supported but nothing about class 10. So are Class 10 cards supported? Is there any point in getting a class 10 over a class 6 besides read/write speeds being affected? 


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          If I were you I'd play it safe and get the Class 6 64G MicroSDXC card.  Class 10 should be faster, but if the manual doesn't mention it I'd stick with what is documented.


          If you really want a class 10 card you could also call up costomer service and ask them.  They might be able to tell you for 100% certain.


          You could also just take your chances and try a class 10 card, just keep your receipt to return it if it doesn't work out.

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            The higher class cards are really intended for devices that need to constantly re write at higher speeds, cameras for example. They are kind of overkill for most tablet uses.