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    Calendar app

      The new HD+ has a calendar app that is preloaded but needs an microsoft exchange account in order to use it.  Can anyone tell me how to get the app to work or how to get an exchange account without having to pay extra for it

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          I can only tell you what worked for me. I set up my email accounts first, with usernames and logins. Then when I opened the calendar, I can see whatever calendar events I have scheduled on either email account. The events on the calendar are color-coded based on the email account, by the way, so it's easy to differentiate between multiple accounts. I primary use gmail for scheduling appointments (and Google Voice) and hotmail for my primary email. Hope this helps.

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            It doesn't require Exchange to work. Just enter in your Yahoo or Hotmail or Google email account information.



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              i am still having  a problem with calendar app and contact app.  this nook will not accept my yahoo email.  it says that it has an error with the server settins.  when i put my email address in and change the incoming server settings. it says that i already have an account with this email and wont let me go any further.  any suggestions will be welcomed


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                I think they need somthing more like the real android (os) calendar. Where you can have a local calendar and add events to it without having an online one.