Super Bowl XLIX logo


Today - February 1, 2015 - is Superbowl Sunday. This year marks Super Bowl XLIX. (It's also good day to brush up on your Roman numerals, or grab an app for that. It's amazing how many books there are about Roman numerals.)


As I mentioned in the blog post, It's February 1 - African American History Month/Black History Month begins today in the USA and Canada, but not 'til October, one of the most prominent banners on's home page today, which recurs on every page - reads "Gear Up for the Big Game: Shop Now."  In contrast, BN's main page fails to mention the Big Game. Odd, that, since searching for "superbowl" at yields 805 results!


Geez, BN, someone's sleeping at the switch over there. Superbowl kickoff time is 6:30 PM Eastern Time, leaving plenty of room for reading and shopping beforehand. Moreover, not everyone actually watches the game. Bad weather may have reduced attendance at Superbowl parties, and some congregants are more interested in friends, food, advertisements, and the halftime performance than in the game itself.  In other words, B&N seem to have fumbled a golden opportunity to promote Superbowl-themed wares.


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