The Enemy (Enemy Series #1)

As a fan of Charlie Higson's The Enemy series and of zombie fiction in general, I was pleased to see his guest post on the NOOK Blog, titled -  "Undead Rising: The 10 Greatest Moments in Zombie History".  Before reading the post see if you can, without cheating:

  1. List the seven titles in Higson's The Enemy series (HINT: the seventh hasn't yet been released, but it's listed at FictFact - Enemy series by Charlie Higson  and The Enemy (Higson novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  2. Guess the books and films Higson names when listing "The 10 Greatest Moments in Zombie History"


How'd you do? Did Charlie name your fave zombie story?  Are there other titles in your top 10? Did you place any of his picks on your to-read list? Do you disagree with any of his characterizations? Did you have another reaction to his list that I didn't mention? Do tell!