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Some not-very-well-known facts, from Wes Craven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

  • Despite his prolific, highly popular and lucrative work in entertainment, Craven also: briefly taught English at Westminster College and was a humanities professor at Clarkson College of Technology (now Clarkson University) in Potsdam, New York
  • For Craven, life was far more than a scream. Despite his prolific, highly lucrative, and influential contributions to the horror genre, Craven worked in other film genres, as well (e.g., as a director of the drama film Music of the Heart (1999), as a collaborating director on the anthology film Paris, j'taime (2006), and as a director of pornographic films)
  • Craven was a birder and a member of Audubon California's Board of Directors
  • Craven wrote novels and comics, and designed the 2008 Halloween Google Doodle