Public service announcement featuring Snoopy: What's cooler than being cool? Having a library card. Get yours today.

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September is Library Card Sign-up Month. And the mascots for Library Card Sign-up Month are Peanuts characters. Click the link above to see more images and read more details.


As we've previously discussed in these NOOK forums (here:, bookmobiles, traveling libraries, and digital lending extend the joys and benefits of library membership far beyond brick & mortar edifices, sometimes even across national boundaries. And speaking of borrowing digital content, if you want to discover which libraries accept borrowers beyond their own back yard, then see: MobileRead Wiki - EBook Lending Libraries.


Here are some discussion questions and my replies. I'd love to read your answers and any other comments you may have on the subject:


  1. Do you remember getting your first library card? (I do, vividly. And I still get excited whenever I get a new library card.)
  2. What were the criteria?(Back in my day, at my local library, children who could sign their name and produce proof of residency - or school attendance in the district - could get a library card. These days, even a baby can get a library card if their parent or guardian submits proof of the child's identity and residency.)
  3. Do you still patronize the library where you got your first library card?(After a looong absence, yes. Brought back fond memories cited in Q1.)
  4. Do you patronize more than one library system? (Affirmative. For that reason, I luckily have no need to subscribe to such services as the Amazon Lending Library, Oyster, or Scribd, or to borrow via NOOK Friends.)
  5. Has/have your use of public libraries and/or book acquisition methods changed since you began reading digital books, listening to audiobooks, or streaming your media?(Yes and yes. I now belong to more library systems, visit their websites more often (to browse, borrow, conduct research, and keep up with library-related news), and borrow more - albeit ebooks and audiobooks rather than physical books. I also now buy more books - i.e., in digital format - but spend far less on books than I used to when buying physical books. Furthermore, participating in online readers' and book industry forums - such those here, at MobileRead, and at Goodreads - has exposed me to authors, titles, and deals on books that I might otherwise have overlooked, and I now use tools such as Goodreads and various series/author trackers to keep track of what I've read, what I want to read, and upcoming releases by authors or series of interest.)
  6. Do you use WorldCat? (Regularly)