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    Free NOOKbook summary thread - please no OT


      As free NOOKbooks come and go, people sometimes miss some postings and opportunities. This thread is intended to be an ongoing list of the latest free NOOKbooks of note.


      Personally, I'm not going to be including routine Smashwords freebies in my postings on this list. Nor some of the perennial freebies, especially from Harlequin. Check the B&N Free NOOKbooks page for those: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Free-eBooks/379001668/


      Everyone should feel free to post here, as long as it's on-topic for free NOOKbooks. If you find a freebie that's not on the list, let us know! If a NOOKbook becomes un-free, let us know! If you want to post Smashwords freebies, go right ahead; I'm not in charge.


      May I suggest that you consider floating this thread. If you click "Thread Options" (right next to the Reply button at the top of this posting), one of the choices on the list is "Float this Thread to the Top". That makes it a personal "sticky".


      Some fun links to see what the publishers who do most of the free NOOKbooks currently have:

      The following publisher mostly has free short stories:

      The following publishers mostly have only free excerpts, previews, and other teasers:

      The following publishers usually have nothing, but you never know:

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