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    Magazine library


      My magazine library only shows the last 8 of my People magazines. How can I show more? I have called the store and did the live chat.... no help...

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          There is an "undocumented feature" of B&N newsstand to keep from cluttering up your Nook, that automatically archives older issues.  I think if they sit in archive status long enough they can get permanently deleted, but I'm not sure about that.  Go into the "view archive" function and you can un-archive them.  Unfortunately, the next time you get a fresh new issue, the older issues get archived again and you have to un-archive them again.

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            Perfect answer MacMcK1957. Magazines take up a lot of memory. I'm constantly shuffling magazines between archive and unarchive on my 8GB Tab 4.  What's disturbing here is that the support channels couldn't help the OP. This 8 issue restriction is hardly new. Terrible support knowledge base.

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              Been there, done that... Unfortunately, the only People magazines in archive are the 8 showing up in my library. What the heck??? However, I have other magazines in there with 15 issues, some showing they are in the cloud. So why only 8. I've paid for them, I should have access to them. And I have an SD card for extra storage, but of course, none of this can go on it...

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                Actually, the online guy told me the same thing about looking in the archive. Then he said I should call the 800 number, but I had tried that already.... horrible phone connection, hang ups.... Turns out the chat guy is in the Philippines, not sure where the help line is since I could never get a good connection. Of course, the store I called is in the USA and they didn't help either. I know it's not life or death, but I paid for them... I should have access to the very first one I received.

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                  Oh, I see. Yes, you should have archive access to all your old magazines. I've got 236 archived issues of Newsweek going back 5 full years, plus 2 issues from my trial subscription in Dec 2010. Do you have this problem with any other magazines?   I wonder if anyone else has this problem with People.

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                    Here's the support page about auto archiving:


                    NOOK Newsstand - Automatic Archiving of Periodical Issues

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                      After checking out this link, I ended up finding the automatically archived items by going to my account in bn.com. Previously I was looking for the archived magazines in my library archives, not from the Barnes and Noble website. Thanks for everyone's help...