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    Pandora not running


      Hi, I have a Nook, model BNTV250A  running software version 1.4.3 and I've been using it to play Pandora for a couple of years. All of a sudden I cannot get Pandora to play and I get the following message

      "unable to play music at this time, please try again"


      I did check my Internet connection, using wireless, and my Nook is connected to the Internet.





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          Michael, a new version of the Pandora app for NOOK Tablet was released on 5/5/17. This new version should resolve issues in using Pandora. If you're having trouble accessing the Pandora App on your NOOK Tablet, try these steps to potentially correct the problem.


          1. Check Wi-Fi Connectivity. An internet connection is required in order to access the Pandora Internet Radio app.


          2. Ensure that the latest version of Pandora is installed. To update to the latest version:


               • Go to the Apps Menu
               • Click the Check for Updates option in the top right corner of the screen
               • The Pandora App will be listed in the Available Updates screen

          3. Perform a Soft Reset by powering the device completely off, then turning it back on.



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            That did the trick! Pandora is back up and running, thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it!