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    downloaded library books fail to open (using Overdrive, Nook Original, Classic, First Edition)


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      I have a Nook Classic (Nook Original, Nook First Edition with Wifi, model BNRV100, software 1.7.0), freshly set up, registered, authorized, with my credit-card information matching my name and BarnesAndNoble.com account, and with the same login for Adobe and BarnesAndNoble.


      I got this device to be able to read library books, and that's not working.


      My library has service via Overdrive; I log into Overdrive via the desktop computer, check out a book, and download the ePub file, and the book then appears in Adobe Digital Editions, 4.5, where I can read it. I plug in the nook, which appears as a device. I drag the image of the book to the image of the nook that ADE displays, and I see dialogs that make it seem that the book is being prepared properly and downloaded ("sideloaded") to the nook. I unmount the nook.


      But on the nook, if I go to "My Documents", I see the books listed, but with "Unknown Author". If I select Read, or the open circle icon, I see a dialog that says "Opening your Document", and then the nook returns to my list of books in My Documents, rather than show me the book.


      I don't specifically see an error message; is there a way to look at an error log or console log?



      Other information that might help an expert determine the problem:


      I am able to read the book within Adobe Digital Editions, with the nook selected, although I don't know if ADE is showing me the version that was obtained from the library and downloaded to the nook, or the version that was retrieved from the nook. (That is, the file is not corrupted.)


      I am able to sideload (by putting a file directly into "my documents" with the nook mounted as a drive, not using ADE) a book from SmashWords.com, and read it, with no problem.


      Also, I am able to log in on a desktop computer to BarnesAndNoble.com and to make a purchase there; it shows up in the "My Library" section, and I eventually am able to use the nook to get to "my library" and "Go to My B&N Library" and see the downloaded (over WiFi) files. I am able to read those books just fine. (If I then plug the nook into Adobe Digital Editions, I am able to read these purchases within ADE, uploaded from the nook to the desktop.) (That is, the nook works as an ereader for purchased books, but so far not for library books.)