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    Question on Font Options with Glowlight Plus




      I am just getting familiar with my new (refurbished) Glowlight Plus running App Version 47.029 / and seem to be having issues with font and page options. 


      So far I can't seem to adjust the font style on any of the books I've loaded (EPUB files side loaded from the library, books purchased on my old Simple Touch from B&N, or sample books from the B&N Nook Store.)  On the reading tools window, the checkbox for Publisher Defaults never appears while reading any of these books.  Changing font styles or font weight doesn't seem to have an effect--the font for all books seems to be stuck on regular-weight Malabar, regardless of menu selection.  Similarly, changing the text justification option doesn't seem to do anything.  Changing the line spacing doesn't affect line spacing but instead causes the margins to go to narrow, with the top of the page flowing over the title header.  The margin spacing feature works OK.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I might take it to the local B&N store to compare results with their demo unit.



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          Checked out the demo unit at our local B&N store and it worked fine and has the same firmware revision as mine.  Spoke with one of the store workers who advised me to perform a power off/on cycle or a factory reset.  The power on/off did not have an effect but after performing a Erase & Deregister, all font and page customization options seem to work fine (though I still don't see the Publisher Default checkbox.)  Thanks B&N!