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    Reverting HD+ from CM 11 to B&N v2.2.1


      As many of you know, I've owned every model of Nook that B&N has released (I only owned the GlowLight models for a day or two) up through the HD/HD+, and (with the exception of the GlowLIght models), I've rooted every one of them.  That gave me a reasonable tablet in each case, although the HD/HD+ had a GUI that was both weird/goofy (non-standard Android gestures) and buggy.  So, in November 2014, I did a careful backup of each of my remaining HD+ partitions, and installed CM11 (=Android v4.4.4)  That worked reasonably well, and I used it that way until last week.  I now have two other LG 8.3" Android (v6.0) tablets, and while they have a slightly smaller screen than the HD+, they are a bit more flexible (and are receiving security updates).  For the past year, I've basically used the HD+ for eBooks, and displaying FAA aviation charts (that was the reason I got started with the B&N Nook Color in 2011), and that doesn't require anything new that CM11 provides.


      So, I've considered selling the HD+, which is in like-new condition (the battery even holds a charge fairly well)..  However, I knew that few would want to buy it with CM installed (most people that would want CM would probably prefer to install it themselves).  So, last week I restored all the backup partitions, and then did the eight-reset thing to get the HD+ back to factory fresh.  I then had to let the HD+ apply the five B&N firmware updates, and all is well.


      The HD+ still has the B&N weird/goofy GUI.  However, one thing that's a BIG improvement, is that B&N's firmware will hold a WiFi connection (so far) indefinitely.  CM11 would drop the connection after about a day, and that required a reboot each time.  I thought it was the hardware and/or my multiple WiFi routers.  Apparently not.


      So, what's my question?  There really is no question (other than whether to sell it).  I just thought those that have been around for a while, might be interested in the decision & technical processes.

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          Battery condition: Last week I tested the battery, as follows: From a fully charged battery, I set the "PowerSave" mode on (which dimmed the screen to a preset low but very readable state), set the "Screen Timeout" to one hour, and disconnected the Nook from the charger. I observed the reported battery charge level over the next 36 hours, occasionally turning the screen on. In 8.5 of those hours, the screen was on but dimmed according to the "PowerSave" mode. Each hour that the screen was on, the battery level dropped about 9%; each hour that the screen was not on, the battery level dropped about 0.5%. After 36 hours, the battery level was 10%. That all seems reasonable for a battery in good condition. Recharging from 10% to 100% took 4 hours.

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            Hey Dean, it's been a while since I logged in here. Your message popped up in the B&N email summary, so I popped in to see what's up. Glad to hear you still got a lot of use out of your NOOKs. I went off B&N hardware when they locked down access to the ebooks, and have switched to a Samsung tablet full-time now.


            I've still got several original NC, a NC 2 (can't remember the actual name - the dual-core model) and a couple of original eInk devices. I've been trying to figure out what to do with them, but am almost at the point of sending them off to the electronic recycler. My last hope is to figure out how to use them as a wireless terminal for various Linux/Arduino projects I'm working on. I just need to get a decent browser that works on the old hardware. No idea how the batteries have held up after a year+ in storage.

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              You want to install "ConnectBot" from the Google store as your wireless terminal program.  Also, I thought that the old root kits would install a reasonable browser.  Personally, despite Firefox's size, I have found that to be the most reasonable browser for my Android needs.


              I have two LG Gpad X8.3 devices, which are 64-bit and run Android 6.0.  They have 4G built in, and I pay Verizon a whopping $10/mo per device for cellular/Internet access, as an add-on to my Verizon LG G3 phone account.

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